Solving the Problems of Drug Disposal

DisposeRx® is the industry leader meeting the complex needs of safe drug disposal with our convenient site-of-use solution for permanent drug removal

We are proud to announce a strategic initiative with Walmart as an important collaboration to provide an environmentally safe method to prevent the cycle of medication overdoses and death

Instructions for disposal

1. Open vial

2. Add warm tap water until vial is 2/3rds full

3. Add DisposeRx powder and shake for 30 seconds; contents solidify in less than 10 minutes.
Then discard in trash.

Preferred destruction steps

Step 1: Collect all of your unused or expired medications by removing the child resistant cap and confirm that the prescription vial is no more than 1/3 full of pills, capsules and or tablets (this will ensure maximum destruction). Once activated, medication will be safe from diversion, illicit use or pollution.

Step 2: Add water until the prescription vial is about 2/3rds full.

Step 3: Add the DisposeRx powder, screw on the child resistant cap and shake for about 30 seconds. The gel will rapidly form, sequestering the drugs from abuse or pollution. Then simply discard the prescription vial in your household waste.

Discard alternative: Collect all of your collected medication vials, treat them with DisposeRx, and head to your local drop off locations for take-back and incineration.

For more information on the problem and proactive solutions and what DisposeRx Customers For LifeTM is doing to break the chain of illicit opioid use, please read our U.S. Opioid Epidemic paper.

DisposeRx is an effective, convenient, and inexpensive method of permanent drug disposal that does not enable extraction for illicit use or environmental contamination.  DisposeRx is used for disposal of all prescription and non-prescription drugs formulated as tablets, capsules, powders, patches, or liquids. For larger volumes of drug disposal, DisposeRx is provides various gallon sized bags to manage drugs accumulating in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and correctional facilities.

Drugs are sequestered into our solidifying substance of high viscosity gel, and the vial is then safely thrown into the household waste. For large volume drug disposal, drugs are added to gallon sized bags containing DisposeRx, water is added, mixed and the bag is safely thrown into the trash. *Patent pending.

The Science Behind DisposeRx

Pills + DisposeRx + Water = 100% effectiveness

Our biodegradable solid is manufactured with components that are safe enough to be eaten if accidentally ingested. The disposal composition material, when combined with water and drugs, forms a gel substance of high viscosity that it is not easily pourable, transferable, or mixable, and remains in the container in which it is formed. For more information, read the Scientific Studies.

DisposeRx drug destroying gel uses proprietary, patent-pending technology made of solidifying cross-linking chemical polymers that permanently sequester all medications. The components used in manufacturing the DisposeRx polymer are safe and listed in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA’s) Inactive Ingredient Database, and they are found in foods, oral drug products, are safe to ingest if accidentally exposed, and are enviromentally friendly.

Why & How

Why DisposeRx: There are leftover and expired prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet; these drugs are temptations, causing addiction and sometimes death. DisposeRx provides a safe, convenient and permanent way of disposing these drugs.

DisposeRx: We focus on removing the dangers of addiction, overdose, accidental poisoning, prescription drug diversion and pollution of our water supplies.

How DisposeRx works: We offer a simple home waste disposal solution that uses non-toxic polymers to permanently physically and chemically sequester dangerous prescription drugs. DisposeRx works for powders, pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and patches, making them inert and unavailable for illicit use or pollution.

Drug take back programs at pharmacies are inconvenient, subject to diversion and compliance is poor.  Thus, the present methods of drug disposal are unsafe, foster addictions and deaths, contaminate the environment and are costly and inconvenient.  DisposeRx is safe, convenient, inexpensive and offers a permanent solution to drug disposal.

Pharmacists / Providers

DisposeRx Inc. solves the problem of left-over drugs with its patented drug disposal technology for site-of-use disposal of expired or leftover drugs. Learn more about our product with our downloadable trifold and presentation deck. For more information on the problem and proactive solutions and what DisposeRx is doing to break the chain of illicit opioid, please read our U.S. Opioid Epidemic paper.

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