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but most people just know our drug disposal packets

DisposeRx, Inc., is proud to manufacture the market leading at-home medication disposal solution. Consumers find our single-use packets to be simple, convenient and effective. Healthcare companies purchase our products to share with their patients and also to educate them about the importance of prompt medication disposal.

We also collaborate with strategic organizations, such as RxDestroyer, to offer disposal solutions for large quantities of medications.

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Consumers and Patients

The DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packet offers a simple, convenient and effective solution that allows patients and caregivers to properly dispose of medications at the moment they are no longer needed.

HealtHcare Organizations

Research shows that patients are most likely to dispose of their leftover medications when they are provided with a simple disposal tool and educated about the importance of disposal. As such, many pharmacies, health systems, health insurance providers and other healthcare organizations have added DisposeRx to their opioid stewardship programs and provide packets to their patients at no charge. DisposeRx, Inc., supports these programs by providing staff training, as well as creating or customizing patient education materials.

Learn more about how DisposeRx combines packets and education to help eliminate risks and prevent injuries; or read the research that drives the strategy.

Protecting Communities through Partnerships

Patients typically dispose of their medications one prescription vial at a time. However, medication disposal needs for hospitals, physician practices and other organizations are vastly different and therefore require different technologies. DisposeRx, Inc., is proud to partner with RxDestroyer to provide options for large volume medication disposal.

Partnerships to protect all family members … Even Pets

Reducing the risks of adverse medication events through education and proper disposal is only one aspect of keeping all family members safe. Joining with community partners, safety product manufacturers, and others in the healthcare industry helps DisposeRx, Inc. address many safety risks beyond prescription drug disposal.

Please contact DisposeRx, Inc. if your product could help us in our mission to reduce the risks associated with medications.

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