Product and Program

DisposeRx Packets

DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets are comprised of materials that are FDA-approved for oral medications and provide a simple, convenient and effective solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications. The active ingredient in the medication is chemically and physically sequestered in a polymer gel when water and the DisposeRx powder are added to a prescription vial and shaken. Patients can use the patented product with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and can then throw away the vial in the household trash.

The DisposeRx Program

When adding DisposeRx product to their inventories or member benefits, our retail pharmacy, health plan and hospital partners receive consultative guidance in launching the product, which includes comprehensive and customized education and training for their staff and patient education and engagement materials. Further, DisposeRx provides packaging, marketing and communications assistance as needed.

DisposeRx Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent on January 14, 2020. The patent number is U.S. 10,532,385 and covers DisposeRx’s at-home medication disposal packets. Additional pending and future patent applications are expected to further protect DisposeRx’s valuable inventions.

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