FDA Request for Comments on In-Home Disposal Systems

FDA Request for Comments on In-Home Disposal Systems

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting comments to assess the potential of in-home disposal products in mitigating the risk of nonmedical use or overdose of opioid analgesics. The purpose is to explore in-home drug disposal options, other than mail-back envelopes, that could help remove unused opioid analgesics from homes since just having a single opioid prescription in the home increases the odds of overdose by 5.2%. Simply, fewer opioids in the home means fewer chances of adverse medication events like addiction and overdose.

DisposeRx applauds the FDA’s consideration in increasing the availability and promotion of in-home drug disposal solutions. As research shows, providing patients with DisposeRx drug disposal packets, education materials, and awareness boosts medication disposal to a 92% disposal rate.

At DisposeRx, we believe in the power of collective voices to bring about meaningful change. The FDA plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health, and your input can help them protect more families than ever before. This is your chance to be a part of the conversation and make a real impact on the future of healthcare and consumer safety.

Please consider using the link below to submit a comment on the FDA’s website. Health and safety start in our homes, it is time we change our approach when it comes to the values and benefits of In-Home medication education and drug disposal.

Fewer opioids in the home means fewer chances of addiction or overdose. 
Show your support for in-home disposal.
Fewer opioids in the home means fewer chances of addiction or overdose. 
Show your support for in-home disposal.

Submit a comment

Writing a comment

Americans have the right to participate in the regulatory process through notice and comment. Comments are only effective, however, to the extent that they provide information directly relevant to the request. Simply stating that you support or oppose a policy is not as persuasive as explaining how the policy would positively or negatively affect your specific situation. When you’re ready, use the links to submit your comment.

Be sure your comment

  • Includes an introduction
  • Is factual or true
  • Tells your personal story
  • Tells how in-home opioid disposal can improve your life such as preventing injury

Or feel to copy and paste a suggested comment:

I support providing safe, simple, and easy to use in-home disposal methods that will help reduce the number of unneeded prescriptions in the home and protect families.

Numerous academic studies have illustrated the effectiveness of medication disposal packets and accompanying education for patients. I support providing packets and education with opioid prescriptions.

Evidence based studies such as those conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Emory University, and the Journal of Nursing Administration found other In-Home disposal systems and relevant education changed behavior more significantly than the current federal recommendations for drug disposal. I support changing current recommendations in accordance with current research.

I support giving patients an easy, convenient, available, and economical option is the only way to make disposal successful and sustainable.

Additional Information

In-Home Disposal Systems for Opioid Analgesics; Request for Information
Food and Drug Administration website
Research: Association of Household Opioid Availability With Opioid Overdose, JAMA Network Open
Research: …Using an At-home Opioid Disposal Method…, JPOSNA

learn more about supporting in-home medication disposal

Reducing the risks of adverse medication events through education and proper disposal is only one aspect of keeping all family members safe. Joining with community partners, safety product manufacturers, and others in the healthcare industry helps DisposeRx, Inc. address many safety risks beyond prescription drug disposal.

Please contact DisposeRx, Inc. if your product could help us in our mission to reduce the risks associated with medications.

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