Safe Drug Disposal and Opioid Stewardship Gaining Traction; DisposeRx now Available in more than 70 Percent of US Counties

SANFORD, NC – October 1, 2020 – In less than three years since being established, DisposeRx, Inc.’s market-leading, patented drug disposal packets are now available in all 50 states and 70% of counties across the United States.

Safe Drug Disposal and Opioid Stewardship Gaining Traction; DisposeRx now Available in more than 70 Percent of US CountiesBased on over 40 years of opioid research, DisposeRx’s at-home medication disposal packets were first introduced in 2018 to patients receiving opioid prescriptions at Walmart pharmacies. Over the last 30 months, the organization has grown its network to include more than 33,000 pharmacies, including independent, retail, hospital and health plan locations, dispensing more than 20 million packets.

“We congratulate DisposeRx for achieving these milestones and for continuing to achieve the vision of Dr. John Holaday,” said Steven Anderson, President and CEO of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. “We deeply appreciate the company’s strong support of pharmacies’ commitment to their patients and to their communities.”

In addition to working with pharmacy partners, DisposeRx supports more than 280 Community Outreach partners—non-profit organizations committed to education about medication disposal and prevention of drug addiction—with donated packets for their community events and programs. With the recent addition of EssexCHIPS in Vermont, DisposeRx now works with Community Outreach partners in all 50 states.

“As we celebrate these milestones, we are grateful for the commitment of our partners who support our mission to eradicate the misuse of unused medications,” said William Simpson, President, DisposeRx. “In addition to our packets, the accompanying education programs we’ve developed for our customers and Community Outreach partners are critical to gaining traction for opioid stewardship initiatives. We look forward to continuing to support these efforts to encourage at-home medication disposal and mitigate the risks in peoples’ homes.”

As DisposeRx celebrates these key milestones, the organization also pays tribute to the contributions and legacy of its co-founder John Holaday, PhD, who passed away on October 4, 2019, as a result of injuries suffered in a random shooting in Charlotte, NC. Additional details on the history and market traction for DisposeRx can be found in this video.

About DisposeRx Packets
DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets are comprised of materials that are FDA-approved for oral medications and provide a simple, convenient and effective solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications. The active ingredient in the medication is chemically and physically sequestered in a polymer gel when water and the DisposeRx powder are added to a prescription vial and shaken. Patients can use the patented product with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and can then throw away the vial in the household trash.

About DisposeRx, Inc.
DisposeRx, Inc., a North Carolina-based company, is dedicated to decreasing the risks of drug diversion, overdoses, suicides, accidental poisonings and antibiotic resistance by facilitating medication management behavior change and eradicating the misuse of leftover medications. DisposeRx’s market-leading, patented drug disposal packets and education programs are currently available at almost 50% of retail pharmacies and through 90% of the wholesale pharmacy and medical distributors across the nation. For more information, visit

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Please update your address book. Thank you and remember to check your medicine cabinet and dispose of any unneeded or expired medications.

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