John Hindman – Leidos, Senior International & Public Affairs Advisor

John Hindman was recently interviewed by Brian Wilson, host of Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope Podcast Series. Brian sums up the interview as follows:

“In today’s busy corporate culture it’s easy for an email to slip through the cracks. But in the case of Leidos employee John and the company’s CEO Roger Krone one email had a huge impact. . . we will begin with a story about John’s son Sean, whose life was lost to opioid addiction.”

You can listen to the entire podcast interview where ever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Following are a couple of links for your convenience:

You can also listen to the entire podcast interview and read the transcript on Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope Website: John Hindman – Senior International & Public Affairs Advisor, Leidos – click here.

John Hindman’s Message to Parents

During the podcast interview Brian Wilson asked John Hindman what he would you say to parents. Following is John Hindman’s response:

“You have to question your children’s friends. You have to pay close attention if there’s dramatic changes in circles of friends and behaviors. Performance in school, and socialization, and all of those things. Peer pressure’s very, very strong. Decidedly different from when we were young. We have both instant gratification and disappointment through social media that we carry around in a cell phone. There’s been the beginnings of some research that’s linking social media and its impact on self- worth, and self-medication, unfortunately.”

Vigilance is required, irrespective of where we are. Parents didn’t just turn us out and leave us to our own devices when we were kids. It’s just more vigilant parenting is required, because this is indeed very pernicious.”

Leidos’ CEO Roger Krone – Know the Signs

Leidos’ CEO Roger Krone has this to add: “There are parents out there who probably don’t even know what the signs look like. Because we haven’t been talking about this for very long. And because it starts often under a doctor’s care, their having to deal with a medical condition, instead of “Well if I have a prescription for these medicines then it’s ok.” And the answer is abusive anything whether it’s prescription or not prescription is not ok.”

Don’t Wait. Engage. Seek Professional Help.

Brian Wilson asks John Hindman what advice does he have for parents who are starting to suspect that something has gone horribly wrong in their own family. Hindman’s reply: “Don’t wait. Engage. Once your suspicions become more than passing, and to the extent that your loved one listens, seek professional help.”

What Can You Do in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

Becky Savage, 525 Foundation Founder, and also a guest on Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope has this to say about what we can all do in the fight against opioid addiction: “Go home and clean out your medicine cabinets. Any expired medications that aren’t needed or medications that aren’t being used, get them out of your house so that they do not end up in somebody’s pocket at a graduation party.”

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