Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope

SANFORD, N.C.,Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — According to nationwide surveys, most Americans are unaware that 70 percent of new drug addictions begin in the home medicine cabinet, where unused, unwanted and expired medications contribute to more than 190 deaths each day. A new technology, known as DisposeRx,

Opioids-HiddenDangers-NewHope.com is a new podcast series that provides a 360-degree view of the opioid crisis, how we got into it and how we can get out of it. The series is underwritten by DisposeRx as a public awareness vehicle to educate on the relationship of leftover medications to addictions and to increase awareness of a new technology designed to break the cycle of addiction plaguing our nation.

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of DisposeRx, Dr.John W. Holaday, stated “This podcast was designed to educate the public, and highlight families who have lost their loved ones and who are now fighting back to prevent others from going down the road from the medicine cabinet to overdoses and death. They are the heroes of this crisis, and it is their stories, their bravery and their tireless work that we wish to recognize in this series with the hope that it will be a call to action for all Americans to clean out their medicine cabinets and reverse this crisis today.”

Dr. Holaday continued, “A host of factors spanning more than 15 years has brought us to the prescription drug abuse epidemic today, one of which is leftover drugs in medicine cabinets. Education, new drug disposal technologies, and government recognition of the benefits of these technologies through public-private partnerships and targeted legislation are the tools to ending the epidemic.”

Delving into the complex issues and dangers of holding on to unused, unwanted and expired prescription drugs in home medicine cabinets, this podcast series also explores solutions for eliminating these dangers and changing the national culture and habits surrounding prescription medication disposal.

The debut episode features a mother’s testimonial fromMissy Owen, whose son died from an opioid overdose. Owen shares how she turned this tragedy into a passionate effort to stop the opioid crisis through a nonprofit she founded,Davis Direction Foundation, and by hosting the first “Building Communities of Recovery” national conferenceSeptember 26th-29th inMarietta, Georgia.

In each 15-minute episode, host and veteran newsman,Brian Wilsonshares the story of the opioid epidemic through the very personal experiences of those directly affected, including: siblings and parents of overdose victims, social workers, law enforcement officers and federal agents, doctors and high-level government officials. Beyond shining light on this important issue, the series reveals a key solution to protect our families from this epidemic by enabling safe disposal of all prescription medications.

New podcast episodes will be available each Monday, startingSeptember 24th, on the Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope website, iTunesYouTube.com, and the

About Brian Wilson:
Brian Wilson is a veteran news anchor and current host of Nashville’sM orning News, which airs on WTN weekdays from5:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.Previously, he was a senior correspondent and anchor for the Fox News Channel based in the nation’s capital, covering the White House and Capitol Hill. Wilson also co-anchored the Emmy Award-winning Fox 5 Morning News on WTTG inWashington, D.C.He has twice served as Chairman of the Capitol Hill Radio TV Correspondents Association.

About DisposeRx Packets
DisposeRx packets and bags contain a blend of patented and proprietary solidifying materials that provide a safe and permanent solution for the disposal of unwanted, unused or expired medications. When water and the DisposeRx powder are added to drugs in the prescription vial and shaken, the drugs are dissolved and then both chemically and physically sequestered in a biodegradable, viscous gel from which they cannot be extracted.

About DisposeRx, Inc.
Headquartered inSanford, North Carolina, DisposeRx, Inc. is spearheading programs to educate communities with practical, convenient, inexpensive and safe medication disposing solutions, thus preventing drug addictions, overdoses, deaths and environmental pollution. DisposeRx, Inc. believes in safe environments, with a goal to stop the nation’s opioid epidemic that often begins in the home medicine cabinet. Further, drugs treated with DisposeRx, when discarded in the trash, rapidly biodegrade in landfills and do not pollute water supplies. DisposeRx, Inc. enables the distribution of its first-in-class drug disposal product through local and regional outreach programs with pharmacies, hospitals, hospices, community groups, law enforcement and correctional facilities and retailers and wholesalers nationwide.

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Please update your address book. Thank you and remember to check your medicine cabinet and dispose of any unneeded or expired medications.

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