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February 12, 2020

Benzer Pharmacy Launches At-Home Medication Disposal Program, Offering Customers Education and DisposeRx Packets

Patients receiving “acute and as needed” medications will get the packets at no cost

Benzer Pharmacy, which operates locations in 29 states, will begin offering DisposeRx, Inc.’s market leading at-home medication disposal packets

TAMPA, FL and SANFORD, NC – Feb. 12, 2020 – Benzer Pharmacy, which operates locations in 29 states, will begin offering DisposeRx, Inc.’s market leading at-home medication disposal packets. The packets will be offered by pharmacists during the comprehensive in-person consultations to patients with unused and expired medications at home. 

“Our culture is built on a ‘people first’ philosophy, and the safety of our patients and their families is paramount,” said Tonya Shackelford, Benzer Pharmacy President. “We know that medication disposal is a critical but often overlooked step needed to prevent drug diversion and accidental poisonings. DisposeRx is a simple and cost-effective product with a supporting education program that we can offer to our loyal customers.”

With 82 locations in 29 states, Benzer is a national pharmacy chain dedicated to patient wellness and the business and professional support local pharmacists need to better serve their communities. 

“Working with Benzer on this program it became obvious that we share similar values and are committed to patient safety,” said William Simpson, DisposeRx President. “We are proud to work with them to eradicate leftover medications in their communities and help educate their patients about the importance of drug disposal.”

About DisposeRx Packets
DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets are comprised of materials that are FDA-approved for oral medications and provide a simple, convenient and effective solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications. The active ingredient in the medication is chemically and physically sequestered in a polymer gel when water and the DisposeRx powder are added to a prescription vial and shaken. Patients can use the patented product with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and can then throw away the vial in the household trash.

About Benzer Pharmacy
Benzer improves patient health by empowering the community pharmacies that serve them. Our wellness services, data and technology, group purchasing power, and business support empower pharmacies to solidify relationships with patients and health care providers, deliver excellent pricing on medications, and reduce the risks associated with being an independent business owner. We enable each pharmacy to achieve the financial success they need to remain an essential local presence in the face of nearby national chains and big-box retailers. Built by pharmacists, Benzer’s priority is and will always be to support the success of local pharmacies and the well-being of their communities. To learn more, visit

About DisposeRx, Inc.
DisposeRx, Inc., a North Carolina-based company, is dedicated to decreasing the risks of drug diversion, overdoses, suicides, accidental poisonings and antibiotic resistance by facilitating medication management behavior change and eradicating the misuse of leftover medications. DisposeRx’s market-leading, patented drug disposal packets and education programs are currently available at almost 50% of retail pharmacies and through 90% of the wholesale pharmacy and medical distributors across the nation. For more information, visit

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